Elmalgur is the name of the great city-empire of the dragon Bringhton. The city was created long ago in a place far from other settlements. Starting as a small village it grew due to the fertile ground and lack of wars. The growing city had problem due to the many monsters because of the lack of human hunters. As the city expanded into a monster territory humans had to fight to conquer it, thus many became adventurers in the city.
After the God Wars, wars between many cities, kingdoms and empires that were highly influenced by one god or another, the power of some gods began to grow. They created stricter rules for the people and began to spread further into monster territory. Emalgur was NOT one of the cities participating in this war due to being secluded.
One dragon called Bringhton, ruler of a large forest, observing it from above in the highest mountain near the forest, had to flee from his territory as the human invaders began to spread with ever growing force.
After days of flying the dragon spotted the city of Emalgur and decided to take it over. Having many adventurers the city resisted for months but, eventually, it gave in to Bringhton’s power and in this manner it became his empire. At the time the city already had a decent size, albeit much smaller than today.
Because of his hate for the gods that made him flee from his property he decided to focus on finding ways to defeat them. Focusing on the construction of guilds for the sole purpose of defeating the gods the city began to have an even greater military power and new types of unholy magic were created. Just like holy magic has powerful effects against the undead unholy magic is powerful against divine beings. Praying for the gods was obviously prohibited and using their magic led to death punishment. Since the gods had little influence over the territory the only way to use their power and blessing was to use artifacts belonging to the deity which were sold illegally. Those who had one of those artifacts would hide them in their pockets, bags or other places where they wouldn’t be seen for fear of punishment.
After decades of the God Wars the gods’ influence was nearing Elmalgur while Bringhton prepared his troops for the eminent conflict.
In this scenario our story begins…